A new trans swimming group for London

 By Roberta Francis 
Let me introduce you to TAGS – London trans and gender non-conforming swimming group. I started this group a couple of weeks ago, not initially as a follow up to any other trans* swimming group. But thanks to Brighton and Hove swimmers from Trans Swimming Brighton for your support in giving me ideas. The initiative came about after I was misgendered by council staff in south London and requested information on facilities provided to our community. I posted on Facebook to gauge interest and was quite pleased with the response I got. With the support of Chryssy D Hunter and Alec Scott Rook, we quickly set up a Facebook Page and started to post our idea.  I then made contact with Fusion (who run leisure centres in Lewisham) and Lewisham Council and eventually got agreement to a meeting. Well, I have to say what we have been offered is fantastic. We couldn’t ask for better facilities. Please check out London Trans and Gender Non-conforming Swimming Group. You will be bowled over by what TAGS has been offered. The space will not only provide a safe space to swim but a meeting place to share ideas and network and gain support. Please come along and support us. We are on a three month trial but if we can get the numbers the trial will be extended. The facilities are amazing, the only thing were short of is a slide. But you never know. Check out our FB page for information on the event. The first night is Friday October the 3rd at 8.30 pm at Glassmill Leisure Centre, Lewisham.
 Roberta Francis – Gendered Intelligence volunteer and founder of TAGS