GI joins the GMB

Today, Gendered Intelligence workers are announcing they have officially joined the GMB and formed a union within the charity. Open to all staff members below senior leadership level, the Union will work to ensure not only that conditions do not deteriorate across the organisation in future, but that trans voices are heard in the wider… Continue reading GI joins the GMB

Trans representation and casting. Where are we at?

Jay Stewart, CEO of Gendered Intelligence As a trans-led organisation, Gendered Intelligence wants to see more roles for trans actors as well as trans people represented in all aspects of the creative process of theatre and performance making (trans writers, trans directors, trans stage managers etc.) Trans people, including young trans people, need to see… Continue reading Trans representation and casting. Where are we at?

The usefulness of gender neutral language

Simon Croft, Director of Educational and Professional Services at Gendered Intelligence, shares his thoughts on how using gender neutral language can help to make everyone feel included and how small changes to the way we address people can make a big difference.  Gendered terms are some of the most common words we use – pronouns… Continue reading The usefulness of gender neutral language